Sanditon Subs and Deli founded in 1920 is a family run establishment offering only the finest meats and cheeses. 

History Edit

Andrew and Georgianna Elliot founded Sanditon Subs in May of 1920 when they first moved to Sanditon. At that time it was called Mom and Pop's Sub Shop. The shop was passed down like an inheritance, father to son, until 2013 when it was passed to Missy Elliot, who changed to name.


Sanditon's Sub's menu has be known to include a large variety of items, changing by the season, and often there are daily specials.  However a few menu seasonal items are town favorites and are annual treats. These include:

Strawberry Lemonade in late spring, early summer.

Bruschetta throughout the summer.

Apple Cider in late summer, and fall.

Snow Cones on the first day of winter. 

Organic ProduceEdit

Sanditon Subs has a garden in the back of the store, a green house, plants inside the store, and two lemon trees in the front, that provide much of their fruit and veggies. They have a small orchard just outside of town and whatever they don't grow themselves they buy from local Sanditon farmers. Everything is organic and local, so you always know what you're getting.