Sanditon Advertising is a graphic design and creative marketing firm in Sanditon, CA. Its website/tumblr is here and its twitter is here


Sanditon Advertising was established in 2006 by Dakota Paris and Jack Bolding. Paris was a marketing major, freshly graduated from Sanstones University. Bolding was returning to Sanditon after graduating the San Francisco Academy of Art University. Between her smooth talking and his artistry, the two made a perfect team. Since 2006, the company has grown to include several employees.


  • Austen Financial
  • Sanditon Mafia
  • Sanditon Acres Farm
  • Sanditon Amphitheater
  • Sanditon Publishing
  • Sanditon Deli & Subs
  • Regency Florist
  • Sanditon Night Cafe
  • Sonomi's Sushi Cart
  • Howdy Tacos
  • Sanditon Cemetery
  • Dress Fanditon
  • Sanditon Library
  • Sanditon Chapeaus
  • What You Knead to Dough
  • Sanditon Tea House
  • Sanditon Events
  • Mixers Bar & Lounge
  • ThriftN Sanditon